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My Dream

Motorcycle Accident Angel Story

My motorcycle accident angel story begins on December 12th, 2009, this was to be a very special day for me. My fiance and I were in love and planned to be married the following day. In preparation for our honeymoon, my Volkswagen camper was in the shop for a tune-up, which meant that I would have to ride my father's motorcycle to work.

Motorcycles were always a part of my young life, so I was grateful when dad offered the use of his motorcycle that day. It was a brand new, top of the line Honda motorcycle, less than two months old.

Whereas San Diego is a temperate climate year round, winter mornings can be quite chilly here. I dressed in layers that morning. In 1970, there were no motorcycle helmet laws in California, but Ramona was a long ride. At the last minute I grabbed my helmet thinking that, at the very least, it would keep my ears warm.

Work passed uneventfully. My boss was aware that I was to be married the next day, and was relentlessly teasing me the entire day, but he was a good sport when around 2:30 p.m. he said, "Rich, why are you still here? Don't you have something to get done?"

The afternoon had turned into one of those beautiful, warm, sunny days that we native Californians like to gloat about to our snow bound friends and family in the East. I decided to forego the jacket and helmet for the ride home, and secured them to the saddle. And I was off. I had only gone a few miles, when I became aware that the jacket and helmet were going to need attention, so I found a spot to pull of the highway and re-secure the load. When I stepped off the bike I had a chill run thru me. I know now it was my motorcycle angel. Since the sun was so low in the sky, I knew that the canyons of highway 67 would be cooling quickly. So I opted to just put the jacket and helmet on right then. Later, I would give much thought to that action. I was back on the road in a flash.

State highway 67 in 1970, was a nasty little winding two lane road between Lakeside and Ramona, and had had more than its fair share of fatal motorcycle accidents. I wasn't thinking of that. I was 20 years old and invulnerable and in love. As you pass the turn off for Poway, heading southbound, the road made a gentle rise, and then dropped into a winding canyon grade. I noticed a car, parked off the pavement a 1/2 - 3/4 miles ahead of me, as I did not see an occupant, I assumed it was abandoned. It wasn't!

A head popped up from the seat and proceeded to make a U-turn right in front of me. Anyone who has been in an accident, will tell you that there is this feeling that envelopes you..... Time, for all intents and purposes, is suspended. Everything is in slow motion. I knew instinctively at that moment.... I was going to die.....snap to black.......

I came to, or perhaps I should say, when I thought I came to, I was in the middle of a very dark place. A place with no one around me. It was a swamp, very gothic, very spooky.Yet I wasn't feeling particularly frightened, because there was this sound - a sound that I liken to the sound of a large bell. There was an angel with me. It was a continuous sound, like what you hear after a bell has been struck, constant and unwavering , but far away.

I was finally able to determine where the sound was coming from, and started walking in that direction. I hadn't walked very far before I realized that I was going to have to cross the swamp. It was very foul smelling , but didn't appear too deep. I took one step, then another. My motorcycle accident angel was guiding me.
Motorcycle Angel

The third step was into what I can only describe as dark. I was past out and could see myself crying out "God, please help me!"

At that next moment, I found myself in a hospital bed in the ICU of El Cajon Hospital. There was a nurse at my bedside, gently stroking my arm, saying; "it's OK Richard, you're loved. You can't leave just yet."

I never will forget her and the love I felt. My guardian angel was with me. Her touch and her voice were so soft and soothing. I couldn't see her face because the light was behind her, but my angel just seemed to glow as she took my pulse. I didn't re-awaken for some time.

My right leg had been shattered. The motorcycle accident had severed all the arteries in my leg, and as I came to find out later, there was a fear of exsanguination (severe loss of blood). My collar bone was fractured, and I suffered a severe contusions, causing the doctors to put me into an induced coma for just under a week.

When I was able to talk about what had happened, I asked my doctor if he could send a note to the nurse on duty the night of my recovery. The nurse with the soothing touch and voice. He asked me if I knew her name by any chance. I told him no, I was a little too doped up to know much of anything at that time. He told me no problem.

"Do you remember what she looked like?"

I proceeded to describe her, with all of the details I could recall. She was slim, mid-twenties, blond hair, medium height, she looked like an angel.

"Just tell her thank you, for the soothing touch and for what she had said to me that night."

A day or two passed before I spoke to him again. I asked him if he had found out the identity of the nurse the night of my recovery. He got a very strange look on his face, then smiled and told me that on that particular night, there was no nurse fitting the description I had given him. Furthermore, had I regained conciseness in post-op ICU, there would have been a note on my chart.

No note, No nurse. It was my own personal motorcycle accident angel.

I suppose a cynic could say that what I experienced was nothing more than drug induced hallucinations but I will never believe that.

I hope that by the grace Of God, I will someday be able to bow before my Lord and his angel to say....Thank you.

Thank you for letting me share my story, God Bless.

This motorcycle accident angel story
was written by Mior's Brother

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Jangan Buka Blog Aku

  • 1) ini blog aku

  • 2) suka hti aku nk bagi korang bukak ke xnk

  • 3)dh ini mmng blog aku

  • 4)korang xyh ngda2 nk bukak

  • 5)%^&%#%$&T*&&^%&^^&

  • 6)lol
  • ....klau korang bukak gak aku hntar 'the reaper' aku untk ambil nyawa korang huahuahauhauhauhauhahahhauahuhauha....